Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Rakieten and the producers of “Supernanny” now bring you “The Marriage Ref”

About “The Marriage Ref”

A comic series where celebrities and a relationship referee help squabbling married couples make peace. Created by Seinfeld himself, this is relationship advice... with a comic twist.

"The Marriage Ref" casting team is searching the country for outgoing and opinionated married couples, willing to appear on national television, who have a long standing argument or issue that must be resolved. No problem is too small!

  • Is there an object, a person, or a habit (e.g. computer, pet, a friend, the remote control) that is a third wheel in your relationship and causes a problem?
  • Or does your partner have an annoying obnoxious habit or item that causes fights?
  • Does your partner do things like withhold sex after a fight?

Whether you argue about parenting, pets, fashion, money, in-laws, weight, housework, chores, communication, neatness, jealousy, past history, friends, sex... Whatever you argue about, we want to hear from you. Tell us why you absolutely NEED a MARRIAGE REF to weigh in and decide who is RIGHT and who is WRONG.

To Apply:

If you're interested in being on the show, please download the Application and Video Submission Guidelines.

For more information:

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our CASTING HOTLINE 877-304-4040 or email us at

*We're hosting open casting calls in a city near you, so be sure to continue to check the website.

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